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Red Hot Pepper Sauce


Nerpy’s Red Hot Sauce is a medium hot sauce with a powerful and rich flavor that will certainly  excite your taste buds. The Sauce is made from West Indies Red Hot Peppers, Pomegranate Juice, Red Wine Vinegar and various approved spices. Nerpy’s Red Hot truly captures and presents a succulent, spicy, bold flavor. Antioxidant and vitamin rich Pomegranate juice explodes on the tongue with a bit of sweetness and a little tartness.  This pepper sauce makes a great addition to Ceasars and any pasta dish.

Spicy Tropical BBQ Sauce


Whether you use propane, slow cook, pit-smoke or grill over charcoal, barbecue is the original comfort food and it’s time for the new secret sauce that will have you and your guests licking their fingers when you are done.   Nerpy’s Tropical BBQ sauce is a spice-spiked barbecue sauce with a delicious, lip licking flavor that combines a bit of heat with some sweet.  In true southern style this BBQ sauce is made with a mix of tomato paste, pineapple juice, maple syrup, red rum, tamarind paste and packs a nice punch of heat from the scotch bonnet peppers & other spices.  Nerpy’s BBQ Sauce captures and presents a truly tropical flavor; spicy, sweet and absolutely delicious.  This sauce is definitely unique and different from anything you have ever tried.  You should be salivating already!

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One Drop All Purpose Green Seasoning


Nerpy’s One Drop All purpose Marinade is essentially a Caribbean style green seasoning. The equivalent of Italy’s pesto – without the pine nuts or dairy, green seasoning is a key element in Caribbean cooking.

Nerpy’s “Jamaican Pesto” all purpose marinade is a blend of over a dozen herbs and spices combined with a touch of Olive oil and Lemon juice which delivers a wonderful aroma and succulent taste to anything it is applied to.

The Eastern Caribbean islands such as Trinidad, Barbados tend to use this as a marinade on most meat or fish dishes to enhance the flavor.

In the Spanish speaking Caribbean islands, they call it Sofrito, which is essentially the same thing.

The thing with Nerpy’ One Drop, is that it is Vegan, all natural and makes everything delicious!

Vegan, dairy free, gluten free and paleo friendly.