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Escoveitch Hot Pickled Vegetables


Nerpy’s Escoveitch or Escoveech is a Hot and Spicy pickled vegetable marinade of vinegar, onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, Chayote squash, carrots, green onions, pimento(allspice) berries, green onions, sea salt, cane sugar, lemon juice, olive oil and other approved spices.

It is also known as Escabecio, Scapece or Giardiniera in Italy, Atchara in The Philippines, Savoro in Greece (especially Ionian Islands) and Scabetche in North Africa.  It is also very similar to the Habanero Salsa made in the Mexican Peruvian Region.  We affectionately call it our “Jamaican Sauerkraut”.  This is a wonderfully hot and delicious alternative to horseradish and/or relish, so try it on your hamburgers and hot dogs.  Nerpy’s Escoveitch also pairs very well on all seafood.  Vegan, dairy free, gluten free and paleo friendly.

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