About Us

Who We Are

Nerpy’s® Inc. Began making Hot Sauce in 2008 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to introduce our customer’s to great tasting, deliciously flavorful hot sauces and marinades which are tasty, hot and truly enjoyable.

The Urban Dictionary defines Nerpy as: “The feeling you get when you are really tired and everything becomes funny.” This is pretty close to our thoughts. However we like to think that Nerpy is just what makes you feel really good and is fun to be around! Being tired isn’t a requirement.

Nerpy’s is committed to producing hot sauces and marinades that truly excite the taste buds and radiate the magical flavors of all food. Nerpy’s® promises to deliver sauces and marinades with powerful flavor and succulent taste!

Nerpy’s® recognizes that there is a vibrant and growing demand for great tasting, spicy food among today’s diverse communities.

We hope that our products will provide a wonderful healthy way of preparing tasty, home cooked style meals and some that may take even you back to Jamaica in your own Kitchen.

So the next time you visit a bar, restaurant, stop in at a supermarket or grocery store, make sure you ask for Nerpy’s® Sauces and let Nerpy’s® “NICE IT UP!!!”